宇航员 英文(浇花 英文)


Module 1


look 看上去

cashier 收银员

cola 可乐

dollar 美元

cent 美分

enjoy 享用,享受

careful 小心的

Be careful! 当心!


1. I want to a hot dog, please. 我想要一个热狗,谢谢。

2. — How much is it? 它多少钱?

— It’s thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents. 是十三美元二十五美分。

3. Enjoy your meal! 好好享受你的美食吧!

4. It looks good! 它看上去不错!

5. Can I help you? 我能为你做点什么?

6. Here you are. 给你。

7. — What do you want to eat? 你想要吃什么?

— I want a hamburger. 我想要一个汉堡包。

8. — What do you want to drink? 你想要喝什么?

— Milk, please. 牛奶,谢谢。


① 询问你想要吃什么

— What do you want to eat?

— I want + 食物. / I want to eat ...


— What do you want to eat? 你想要吃什么?

— I want to eat noodles and beef. 我想吃面条和牛肉。


— What do you want to drink?

— I want + 其他. / I want to drink...


— What do you want to drink? 你想要喝什么?

— I want to drink juice. 我想和果汁。

③ 询问价格

How much is it? / How much are they?


— How much is this book? 这本书多少钱?

— It’s fifteen yuan. 十五元。

— How much are these shoes? 这双鞋多少钱?

— They are twenty dollars. 它们二十美元。

Module 2


later 后来,以后

to go 剩余

duck 鸭子

pond 水池,池汤

cloud 云

dry 干的

like 像......一样

look like 看来好像

stay 保持,维持


have a picnic 野餐

in the park 在公园

on the pond 在池塘里

at half past twelve 在十二点半

in the sky 在天空中


1. I don’t think so. 我不这么认为。

2. I’m going to get up and have breakfast. 我打算起床吃早饭。

3. Let’s have a picnic in the park today. 我们今天去公园野餐吧。

4. — What time is it now? 现在几点了?

— It’s only half past eleven. 十一点半。

5. Look, there are some ducks on the pond. 看,池塘里有些鸭子。

6. There are some dark clouds in the sky. It’s going to rain soon. 天空中有一些乌云。将要下雨了。

7. It’s looks like you’re going to stay hungry. 看起来你们还饿着。

8. Let’s look at the weather tomorrow. It will snow in Harbin. 我们看看明天的天气。哈尔滨将要下雪。


① 询问我们打算什么时间做某事

— When are we going to + 动词原形 + 其他?

— We are going to + 动词原形 + 其他 + at + 时间.


— When are we going to the zoo? 我们什么时候去动物园?

— We are going to the zoo at nine o’clock. 我们九点去动物园。

— When are we going to cook dinner? 我们什么时候做晚饭?

— We are going to cook dinner at six o’clock. 我们打算在六点做晚饭。

② 描述将来的天气情况

It will be + 描述天气情况的形容词.


It will be sunny tomorrow. 明天将会是晴天。

It will rain tomorrow. 明天将会下雨。

Module 3


shine (太阳)发光,照耀

cry 哭

everyone 人人,每人;大家

fly away 飞走

just 就,且请

cow 奶牛

blow 吹,刮

rabbit 兔子


in the tree 在树上

in this photo 在这张照片中

on Saturday 在星期六

send some photos 寄一些照片

look at ... 看......

drink water 喝水


1. Please write to me soon. 请尽快给我写信。

2. I had a very interesting day on Saturday. 星期六我度过了有趣的一天。

3. The birds are singing in the tree. 鸟在树上唱歌。

4. In this photo, it’s starting to rain and birds are flying away. 在这张照片中,开始下雨了,鸟飞走了。

5. — What are you doing? 你正在做什么?

— I’m cleaning my room. 我正在打扫我的房间。

6. We are having a lovely time! 我们度过了快乐的一天!



— What are you doing?

— I’m + 动词-ing + 其他.


— What are you doing? 你正在做什么?

— I’m listen to music. 我正在听音乐。

— What are you doing? 你正在做什么?

— I’m sweeping the floor. 我正在扫地。

Module 4


balloon 气球

stairs (常复)楼梯

mess 肮脏;凌乱


have a birthday party 有一个生日聚会

be on the phone 在打电话

fly away 飞走

at the supermarket 在超市


1. What a mess! 多么凌乱啊!

2. The balloons are flying away! 气球飞走了!

3. Who can help me? I can’t carry everything. 谁能帮帮我?我搬不动了。

4. I’m on the phone. 我在打电话。

5. The apples are falling down the stairs. 苹果正滚下楼梯。

6. The eggs are broken. 鸡蛋破了。

7. Be careful. 小心点。


① 如何向他人寻求帮助

— Who can help me?

— Sorry, I can’t. / I can help you.


— Who can help me? 谁能帮我?

— Sorry, I can’t. I am sweeping the floor.


② 描述正在发生的事情

主语 + is / am / are + 动词-ing + 其他.


The cows are eating grass. 牛正在吃草。

I am playing chess. 我正在下象棋。

Module 5


play 演奏,弹奏(音乐)

third 第三(个)

time 次,回

bark (狗)吠,叫

loudly 大声地

nothing 没有东西,没有事情


play the suona 吹唢呐

come in 进来

watch TV 看电视

ride his bike 骑自行车

do exercise 做运动

read a book 看书

the third time 第三次

have a birthday party 举办一个生日聚会


1. He is playing the suona, but the phone rings. 他正在吹唢呐,但是电话响了。

2. — What are they doing? 他们正在做什么?

— They’re singing and dancing. 他们正在唱歌跳舞。

3. Daming is playing the suona for the third time, but the dog starts to bark very loudly. 大明第三次吹唢呐,狗叫得非常大声。

4. His friends can’t hear him. 他的朋友们听不见他。

5. He’s riding his bike, but it starts to rain. 他正在骑自行车,但是天下雨了。

6. She’s doing exercise, but it gets too hot. 她正在做运动,但是天气变热了。

7. He’s reading a book, but his sister starts to sing. 他正在看书,但他妹妹开始唱歌了。



主语1 + be动词 + 动词-ing + 其他, but + 主语2 + 动词(第三人称单数形式) + 其他.


I am watering the flowers, but my dog barks. 我正在浇花,但是我的狗叫了起来。

Alice is playing football, but it is rainy. 爱丽丝正在踢足球,但是下雨了。

Module 6


home 回家

got (get的过去式)得到,收到

space 太空

interested 感兴趣的

spaceship 宇宙飞船

finish 结束,完成

decide 决定

paper 纸做的,纸质的

brought (bring的过去式)拿来,带来

bring back 带回

model 模型

taikonaut (中国的)太空的,宇航员

first 最初(的),第一次(的)

national 国家的,民族的

seed 种子


decide to... 决定......

space travel 太空旅行

be interested in... 对......感兴趣

make a paper spaceship 制作一个纸质的宇宙飞船

the name of ... ......的名字

the first time 第一次


1. He got many presents from his family and friends. 他从家人朋友那里得到了许多礼物。

2. It was a book about space travel. 它是一本关于太空旅行的书。

3. Simon was interested in the book too. 西蒙对这本书也感兴趣。

4. In the book, they saw many pictures of spaceships from China. 在这本书里,他们看见了许多来自中国的宇宙飞船的图片。

5. They decided to make a paper spaceship together. 他们决定一起制作一个纸质的飞船。

6. Look at our spaceship. It look us to the earth. 看看我们的宇宙飞船。它带着我们去地球。

7. It took the national flag of China and some seeds too. 它带着中国的国旗,还有一些种子。


① 给某人买某物:buy sb. sth.

eg: I bought a scarf for my mother. 我给我妈妈买了个围巾。

② 把某物给某人:give sth. to sb.

eg: My classmate gives me a new story book. 我的同学给了我一本新故事书。

③ 让某人做某事:ask sb. to do sth.

eg: My father asks me to make a birthday card. 我爸爸让我去做一张生日卡片。

④ 向某人展示某物:show sb. sth.

eg: Please show me a toy car. 给我看看你的玩具汽车。

Module 7


spent (spend的过去式)度过

about 大约

flew (fly的过去式)飞,飞行

October 十月

video 录像

proud 感到自豪的,感到骄傲的

someday 有朝一日

born 出生,诞生

as 作为

became (become的过去式)变成

letter 字母

spell 拼写,拼出

herself 她自己

all over 到处,遍及,处处

live 活着

role model 模范;榜样


fly into space 飞入太空

make a video 录制一段录像

come back 返回

be proud of 为......感到骄傲

in space 在太空中

be born 出生


1. It was a great day! 那是很棒的一天!

2. In October 2003, my father flew into space in Shenzhou Ⅴ. 2003年十月,我父亲坐神舟五号飞入太空。

3. He spent about twenty-one hours in space. He did a lot of work there. 他在飞船里待了大约21个小时。在那他做了许多工作。

4. As a baby, she became blind and deaf. 当她是个孩子的时候,她变得看不见听不见。0

5. She drew letters in Helen’s hand and taught her to spell. 她在海伦的手里写下字母,教她如何拼读。

6. She is a model for blind people, and also for you and me. 她是盲人的榜样,也是你和我的榜样。



主语 + could not + 动词原形 + 其他.


I couldn’t play the piano. 我过去不会弹钢琴。

My dog couldn’t stand on his feet. 我的狗过去不会用脚站立。

Module 8


cup 杯子

planned (plan的过去式)计划

baseball 棒球

more 更强烈地

smile 微笑

mistake 错误

make mistakes 犯错误

with 与......有关

said (say的过去式)说

raincoat 雨衣


come into 进入

on your heads 在你们的头上

play a baseball game 打一场棒球赛

baseball caps 棒球帽

play hide-and-seek 玩捉迷藏

wear a raincoat 穿雨衣

go to theatre 去剧院

play basketball 打篮球


1. Sam came into the classroom and saw some friends there. 山姆进了教室,看见朋友们在那。

2. Amy asked Lingling to bring some caps for the game. 艾米为了比赛让玲玲带一些帽子。

3. It’s easy to make mistakes with English words. 在英语单词方面很容易犯错。

4. They went to the playground and played baseball together. 他们去了操场一起去打棒球。

5. Why do you have cups on your heads? 你们为什么把纸杯放在头顶上呢?

6. — Why are you here? 你为什么在这?

— We’re playing hide-and-seek. 我们正在玩捉迷藏。

7. — Why are you wearing a hat? 你为什么戴帽子?

— Because it’s going to be sunny. 因为天气将会很晴朗。



Why do you + 动词原形 + 其他?


— Why do you do exercise? 你为什么要锻炼?

— I want to keep myself fit. 我想让自己保持健康。

— Why do you wear your raincoat? 你为什么穿雨衣?

— Because it’s going to rain. 因为要下雨了。

Module 9


wish 愿望,希望;祝,祝愿

best wishes 最美好的祝愿

primary 小学的,初等的

primary school 小学

message 留言

keep 保留

forever 永远

joy 乐事,乐趣

future 将来,未来

wonderful 了不起的,出色的

happiness 幸福,愉快

what 多么


say goodbye to ... 向......告别

write a message 写留言

watch football games 看足球比赛

a naughty but lovely boy 一个淘气但可爱的男孩儿

my best friend 我最好的朋友


1. Best wishes to you! 给你最美好的祝愿!

2. Good luck for the future! (祝你)未来好运!

3. That’s a good idea. 那是一个好主意。

4. Wishing you happiness every day. 祝你幸福每一天。

5. I will miss you. 我会想念你的。

6. You brought us lots of joy. 你们带给了我许多快乐。

7. I’m writing an email to my friends from the earth. 我正在写一封邮件给我来自地球的朋友。

Module 10


middle 中间的,中等的;中期,中间

middle school 中学

speech 演说,讲演

classmate 同班同学

leave 离开

September 九月

excited 激动的,兴奋的

geography 地理

same 相同的

at the same time 同时

spoke (speak的过去式)说(某种语言)

little 极少量的

keep on 保持

practise 练习

sometime 某个时候

each other 互相,彼此

chemistry 化学

physics 物理


a goodbye speech 告别演讲

learn lots of new things 学习很多新事物

meet new friends 遇到新朋友

at the same time 同时

go to different schools 去不同的学校

go back to the UK 回英国

keep on 保持

study French 学习法语

practise Chinese 练习汉语


1. What about you? 你们呢?

2. We’re going to leave our primary school soon and start middle school this September. 我们这个九月即将离开我们的小学开始中学生活了。

3. Four years ago, they spoke only very little Chinese. 四年前,他们只会讲一点点汉语。

4. Let’s write lots of emails to each other! 我们要经常给彼此写邮件!

5. — What are you going to study? 你打算去学习什么?

— I’m going to study Physics, Chemistry and Chinese. 我打算学习物理,化学和语文。



— What are you going to + 动词原形 + 其他?

— I’m going to + 动词原形 + 其他.


— What are you going to do? 你打算做什么去?

— I’m going to watch a film. 我打算去看部电影。


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